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If anything could be changed for the better of the site or must be changed for the sake of my health and/or financial situation - contact me by e-mail.
Welcome to AnthemRoad.com This webpage is kinda in beta mode. It will be the homepage for AnthemRoad Productions. Even though it’s not a “real” production company, I hope it might be so in the future. My professional life goals and dreams will be filtered through this site. Everything from futured films, shortfilms, music videos, writing and everything else I hope to bsdoing with my life. My life goal in total is to leave behind a legacy. I want my name or my future companys name to be known through out the many places of the world. And I am fully aware of the work that it all takes, and also the reality of it all not happening. But I don’t care. I won’t give up, and I’ll try my best. Fail or not, at least I’ve tried. Besides, everyone has to start somewhere... Stay tuned... - Eric Belcan -  
Updates 30.01.14 A little 3D render test is available in “behind the scenes” of “Saving our Outlawvideo Gallery. ----------------
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